Mac-focused IT Consulting done all right and tight

About Tizite

With an accumulated experience of over 25 years in IT, Tizite is the company to help you with your Mac, iPhone, iPad or related networking, workflow, organizational or general IT needs.

We’ve worked in environments as small as 1-person graphics shops all the way up to multi-hundred Mac installations integrated into previously existing networks.

Along the way, we’ve accumulated both a staggering variety of experience with Mac-based systems, from Virtual Private Networking (VPN), Active Directory (AD), Voice Over IP (VOIP), and plenty of the rest of the alphabet.

Why? So our customers don’t have to learn the alphabet soup.

We’re focused on bringing easy to understand support to Mac users (and Windows users too, we’re not that biased). You can’t always take your problems to the Apple Store, and remote support sometimes isn’t the answer. Do we do “house” calls? Yes. Yes, we do.

Give us a call at 774.257.5671 and set up a free onsite consultation!

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